Passenger Terminal Today Magazine - January 2022

Dr Kitty Hung, principal consultant at Atkins, suggests that a more seamless, safe and zero-contact passenger experience should shape future terminals

Airports are busy places and operators have an increasingly difficult job to manage the thousands of people who come and go. Before the spread of Covid-19, many were implementing new technologies to make it quicker and easier for passengers to move from check-in to their departure gate. However, over the past 18 months the focus of innovation has shifted to keeping people safe and well throughout their journey.

As we emerge from the pandemic, airport operators must continue their digital transformation by focusing on the aspects of delivery that will transform the passenger experience in what has become a very different world. That doesn’t have to involve significant investment in new technologies. Instead, travelers and operators will benefit from the integration of existing tools and processes and from applying learning from other sectors. 

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