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Fraport AG Ground Services are currently trialling an autonomous baggage and cargo tractor at Frankfurt Airport.

The electric vehicle will operate on an eight-kilometre-long test route within Frankfurt Airport’s secure area.

The trial is designed to determine whether and under what conditions an autonomous vehicle can support regular baggage and cargo operations on the apron.

Eric Agthe, Fraport’s project manager for process and product development, enthuses: “Autonomous vehicles are a very promising future option for us as an airport operator.

“We’ve already trialled self-driving vehicles in some areas. But deployment on the apron on such a long route is a completely new dimension.

“Safety will be the top priority during the trial. The fact that we are tackling these kinds of innovative projects, despite the challenging operating conditions, once again emphasises our role as a future-focused company.”

The test route starts in the eastern section of Frankfurt Airport’s apron in the baggage handling facility at Terminal 2, before heading southwards and approaching the future Terminal 3.

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