Live and Let's Fly - Matthew Klint

United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby has laid out four pillars he says are necessary for United to become “the biggest and the best airline in the history of aviation.”

In a video message to employees reviewed by Live and Let’s Fly, Kirby seeks to rally the troops for what he views as the most critical year in United’s push to grow and to win loyalty.

Recent messages from Kirby have dwelled on the past, thanking employees for their tenacity during the pandemic to transform the image of United into a company that commands more respect from the public at large, and importantly the decision makers who influence public policy. While Kirby again thanked employees for their past work, his message was centered on the future:

“But as proud as I am of the last two years, we are about to embark on an exciting and historic growth initiative at United Airlines, United Next.”

Live and Let’s Fly has outlined United Next, a program that will will modernize United’s fleet through the addition of 500 new aircraft and the retrofit of all existing narrbowdy aircraft to include customer-friendly features like seatback screens, mood lighting, and high-speed wi-fi.

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