The ability and uses for first responders to be able to remotely navigate an almost millimetre perfect, photorealistic 3D model of a location on any Wi-Fi or 4G connected smartphone or tablet cannot be overstated. Example tour


"What's behind/ how thick is that petition wall?" - "Where are '...' most likely to be located?" - "Are there any gas/ electrical hazards nearby?" - "That access/ escape route is blocked but we can see another route and will guide you there."


At Ocean 3D in addition to their use for accessibility and marketing we've also been advocating them to our aviation, education, public and other sector clients to aid first responders in critical incident and emergency planning, training and live events. This News article shows how the technology and idea is also now being used in the States in schools.


News item: "Taunton Public Schools Prep 3D Maps For Active Lockdown Scenarios"