14 March 2024

  • Congress Clears FY 2024 Appropriations for FAA; DHS/TSA Pending
  • Third FAA Authorization Extension Passed with May 10 Deadline
  • Biden Releases FY 2025 Budget Proposal

It’s been a busy two weeks in Washington as Congress works to clear the decks of the FY 2024 annual spending bills and find a direction on the pending Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reauthorization bill. In the meantime, the FY 2025 budget process is underway with the Biden Administration releasing its budget proposal last week.

FY 2024 Mini-bus Appropriations Bill Summary

Congress has taken a unique approach to the FY 2024 appropriations bills this year, essentially segmenting two sets of spending bills for federal agencies, each running under different extension deadlines. A huge hurdle was cleared last week when Congress passed six of the 12 annual spending bills, including the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) and FAA, in one “mini-bus” package. Under the bill, FAA receives a total of $24 billion in FY 2024. The Airport Improvement Program (AIP) is funded at the $3.35 billion authorized level and includes $532 million in additional funding for discretionary and earmarked projects. This is above the $4 billion to be provided under the Infrastructure Investment and Job Act (IIJA) bill for airports under the Airport Infrastructure Grant and Airport Terminal Program in FY 2024...

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