Simple Flying - Andrew Curran

Flying in Europe is bouncing back, with the latest Eurocontrol data revealing aircraft movements last week reached 81% of pre-pandemic levels.

Data released by the European Organization for Safety of Air Navigation, or Eurocontrol, reveals aircraft traffic within Europe reached 81% of pre-pandemic levels last week - and throughout April, is predicted to average 79% compared to April 2019 levels. Eurocontrol says the beginning of the Northern Hemisphere's summer flying season is seeing both legacy full service and low-cost airlines across Europe start to expand capacity,

Eurocontrol's latest analysis covers airline traffic for the week between April 7 and April 13. The analysis found there was an average of 24,648 flights a day, or 81% of the number of flights recorded in the same week in April 2019. The busiest airline was Ryanair, with an average of 2,764 flights a day over the week, followed by easyJet with 1,515 daily flights, Lufthansa with 1,138 daily flights, Turkish Airlines with 1,096 daily flights, and Air France with 901 daily flights.

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