Airport expansion joints take a beating. No exception is El Dorado International airport in Bogota, Colombia — one of the busiest airports in terms of passenger and cargo air traffic in Latin America.

The airport underwent a major redevelopment and expansion completed in the Summer of 2014. The first phase of the expansion was the addition of a new International Terminal that was opened on October 17th, 2012. 

Sika Emseal worked with the architects to design the seismic movement joint seals to withstand the heavy traffic as well as achieving the fire rating and the aesthetic required. As part of Sika's remit, movement joints in the existing buildings were later replaced in order to bring them up to the required performance standards

The Sika Emseal systems provide movement accomodation, fire performance and watertightness without the need for additional fire blankets and water channels other systems require. This makes the Emseal systems easier to install and more robust in service. Continuity of the sealing system (floor, walls. roofs)  is achieved with the full range offered