Simple Flying -  Jamie Moore

Images show baggage thrown in a dumpster outside Dublin Airport.

Ground handling company at Dublin Airport, Sky Handling Partner, faced increased government scrutiny this week after photos emerged by ITV showing baggage in a bin outside Dublin Airport. Sky Handling Partner is facing an increase in luggage at the airport as the summer season continues.

The Oireachtas (Irish Parliament) Transport Committee has given baggage companies at Dublin Airport two weeks to reunite luggage with their owners. This is proving to be a difficult task given the amount of bags at the airport.

The Transport Committee has seen the images by UTV and has demanded answers from Sky Handling Partner. The company said it was forced to bin the missing luggage for security reasons, claiming the bags had perishable items inside. Other images show hundreds of bags at baggage carousels at Dublin Airport. However, the committee is demanding to know if this happened before and how many bags were discarded.

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