Simple Flying - Luke Peters

Ireland's main airport has seen disruption twice in two weeks resulting from illegal drone flying.

The operator of Dublin Airport, DAA, is calling for much tougher sanctions for anyone convicted of operating a drone near the airport. The calls come following a fortnight in which the airport and its passengers have suffered significant delays and disruption following individuals flying drones in the vicinity of Ireland's primary airport.

Just yesterday, operations at the airport were suspended for 30 minutes following a sighting of a drone within the airport's airspace boundary. Flying a drone within 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) of the airport is illegal, according to regulations set out by the Irish Aviation Authority.

So far, two men have appeared in court in Dublin charged with the illegal operation of drones near the airport in relation to the previous incidents. Both men have been released on bail to re-appear in court once instructions and further evidence have been obtained from the Irish Director of Public Prosecutions.

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