Simple Flying - Joe Kunzler

Dubai International Airport celebrates being a global aviation hub.

In a February 19 statement, Dubai International Airport (DXB) announced breathlessly that the home hub of Emirates had 87 million passengers in 2023, an increase of 31.7% and surpassing pre-pandemic traffic. For Dubai International Airport, the traffic helps reinforce Dubai’s place as the world’s most popular tourist destination.

Dubai International Airport (DXB) is not just Emirates’ global hub as it is also served by a host of other airlines, from Air France and Delta Air Lines to IndiGo and Wizz Air, for starters. As such, having millions of passengers flow through is an expectation.

But 86,994,365 passengers for 2023? That’s more than London’s Heathrow Airport at 79.2 million passengers but less than Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport at 104.7 million, which is Delta's top hub and is served by many other airlines.

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