The Department for Transport published on 14 July an open consultation on “Jet zero: our strategy for net zero aviation”.  This sets out Government’s proposed approach and principles to reach net zero aviation by 2050. It is Government’s ambition to

  • decarbonise aviation in a way that preserves the benefits of air travel
  • maximise the opportunities that decarbonisation can bring

Government is proposing a suite of policies to support industry to reduce and, where possible, eliminate carbon dioxide emissions from aviation. These policies span 5 different measures that aim to:

  • improve the efficiency of our aviation system
  • accelerate the development and deployment of sustainable aviation fuels
  • support the development of zero emission flight
  • ensure we use markets to drive down emissions in the most cost-effective way
  • influence the behaviour of consumers

The consultation will inform the final jet zero strategy.
BAG is looking how to respond to this consultation as a trade body and establishing which areas we are best placed to respond, therefore the BAG Board’s Sustainability Working Group will meet early next week to discuss this in further detail. We would welcome views from across the membership, including comments and insights form organisations who are making their own responses to this consultation. Please feed into BAG any elements you would like us to consider / make us aware of in preparing our response. Please submit any initial thoughts by 30th July and any additional feedback and material (e.g. copies of your own responses) by 20th August 2021 to Bettina Rigg allow us time to incorporate where possible into our final response.