July 2021


DEN Kicks Off Phase 2 of the Great Hall Project


Pictured: Cristal DeHerrera, DEN Chief of Staff; Michael Sheehan, DEN Senior Vice President Great Hall Project; Kim Day, former DEN Chief Executive Officer; Larry Nau, TSA Federal Security Director for Colorado; Derek Hoffine, Vice President and District Manager for Hensel Phelps; and Alan Salazar, Chief of Staff for Mayor Hancock. 

On July 7, DEN marked another Great Hall Project milestone with an official groundbreaking ceremony to kick off Phase 2 of the project. Now retired DEN CEO, Kim Day, led the event with remarks by Alan Salazar, Denver Mayor Hancock’s Chief of Staff; Larry Nau, TSA Federal Security Director for Colorado; and Derek Hoffine, VP and District Manager for Hensel Phelps.

The primary focus of Phase 2 is to enhance security by building a new security checkpoint on Level 6 in the northwest corner of the Jeppesen Terminal and a new elevator and escalator to move passengers from Level 6 to the train platform on Level 4. The new security checkpoint will have improved technology and a new queuing concept that will provide more effective and efficient security and a better experience for travelers. These improvements, combined with the new ticketing areas being constructed as part of Phase 1, will continue to allow us to build a terminal for the future with enhanced security, increased capacity, improved operational efficiency and an elevated passenger experience.

To mark the start of construction, a construction wall with a rendering of the new post-security area was moved into place. Additional construction impacts will be in place throughout Phase 2 starting in August. Phase 1 and 2 will run concurrently until the end of the year with the brief overlap providing cost-savings of approximately $3 million.

The new security checkpoint will be operational in early 2024 with Phase 2 completed by mid-2024.

You can view photos or a video of the event and groundbreaking moment or read the press release.


Phase 1 Snapshot of Accomplishments


Since DEN took over the Great Hall Project in November 2019 and brought in a new delivery team, Phase 1 has progressed significantly and is on schedule to be completed by the end of the year and under budget.



Phase 1 improvements include:

·    New, modern and innovative ticketing space for DEN’s largest airline carriers including United, Southwest and Frontier.

·    86 new self-bag drops that allow for a more flexible check-in process (that’s 43 ticketing positions on the east and west, respectively).

·    Adding a total of 31,000 square feet of new space on Levels 5 and 6. On Level 6 alone, that is 21,000 for more space in the ticketing areas inside and on the curbside. 

·    Adding four additional restrooms and renovating two existing restrooms on Levels 5 and 6.


Here are some of the key Phase 1 accomplishments:

·    Successfully achieved all major milestones ahead of schedule:

·    Completed installation of the new extended steel deck on Level 6 in July 2020 ahead of the August deadline

·    Completed the Central Monitoring Facility (CMF) on Level 5 in December 2020 ahead of the January 2021 deadline. The CMF is the area where the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) personnel conduct baggage surveillance and resolve screening issues in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

·    In June, the southern half of the new Level 5 arrivals area opened, including updated restrooms and new flooring, lighting and fixtures, giving passengers a peek into what the rest of the project is going to look like

·    Created approximately 460 jobs for Denver and kept people employed during the pandemic

·    Currently Contracted with 81 Minority Women Business Enterprise (MWBE) firms to date valued at $64.2 million

·    Currently tracking to come in $25 million under budget

·    The entire project remains within the original $770 million budget



New Flooring Work Continues on Level 5


Last month, Phase 1 of the Great Hall Project reopened space in the Level 5 arrivals area where new white flooring was revealed. This new flooring is being installed throughout the spaces behind the construction walls, and next crews will be installing the flooring on Level 5 in the interior of the curbside space and terminal entrances.

The terminal entrances on both the east and the west sides of Level 5 in the center of the terminal will be under construction this summer through the end of the year as they receive new flooring, lighting and other improvements. 

Passengers will see some new construction walls in the baggage claim as crews complete these flooring activities. New signage, project personnel and customer service agents will be available in these areas to assist passengers navigate around construction. Passengers can also scan QR codes located on signage throughout the airport that provides an interactive map of DEN to make it easier to find their way around the construction walls.

If you missed it, take a look at the new and open space at the Level 5 arrivals area!




Spotlight on American Sign & Barricade Co.


Rhonda Collins and her husband, Jim Palluck, are no strangers to the world of traffic control. They had already built and sold a successful traffic control company before starting American Sign & Barricade Co. in 2005. In the beginning, they learned how to manufacture traffic signs and, in 2007, they added traffic control and sign installation divisions.

The business has grown to over 150 employees, including flagging services, traffic lane closures, development of traffic control plans, and sign installation including temporary signage for detours and special events and permanent signs, including the Express Lanes for the Colorado Department of Transportation. They have since added two cranes and three bucket trucks to their company equipment. In 2020, they worked with Hensel Phelps to turn the Colorado Convention Center into a COVID hospital site to be available to receive patients if needed.



Level 6, West side of Jeppesen Terminal where American Sign & Barricade Co. established the barrier and traffic control around the crane that lived on curbside for some time. 


American Sign started work with DEN in 2007 when they were asked to redesign the Handicap Signage in the east and west economy parking lots. Currently, they are on the Great Hall Project providing flaggers to assist passengers navigating the terminal and for construction material deliveries and haul-outs.

“Working for the airport has created so many opportunities for DBEs and MWBEs. Their main goal is always to make the experience of traveling better for their passengers,” stated Rhonda Collins, American Sign’s CEO.

American Sign is a Certified Minority Women Business Enterprise (MWBE), and a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) certified with the City and County of Denver and a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE). American Sign’s MWBE participation is one reason why the Great Hall Project is currently meeting its construction goal of 18% participation on the project.



 A Little Social Media Love


Following a post on DEN’s Instagram page about the start of Phase 2, several followers shared some positive thoughts about the progress!