Denver International Airport

While building an improved and modernized terminal for the future of DEN, the Great Hall Project has brought immense economic stimulus along with it. With Phase 1 approaching completion by the end of 2021 and Phase 2 underway, this $770 million project continues to provide jobs for the airport and the Denver community.

The Great Hall Project provides a variety of jobs that cater to different skill sets and education levels, boosting the regional economy. These jobs can be categorized into three types:

Direct jobs employ those individuals working at DEN on the construction site building the Great Hall Project.

Indirect jobs are jobs that support construction, such as offsite suppliers, construction management or administration.

Induced jobs are the jobs that directly benefit from the project, such as hospitality and vendors at the airport where project personnel and crews may spend time and money.

In addition to these areas of job creation, the project creates opportunities for Minority/ Woman-Owned Businesses and Disadvantaged and Small Business Enterprises. This also includes apprentices who can pick up new skills and accreditations for use on other job sites....

 DEN Great Hall Project Newsletter - Sept 2021.pdf (954 KB)