BBC News - Georgina Rannard

UK airlines have missed all climate targets set since 2000 except for one, a new report claims.

The aviation industry sets its own goals for cutting its environmental footprint.

The research looked at environmental goals airlines have set themselves since 2000. Most of the targets focussed on using greener fuels to power airplanes or making fuel more efficient.

EasyJet was the only company named in the research that was found to have met a target. It successfully reduced fuel burn per passenger kilometre by 3% by 2015, Possible says.

But Possible claim it missed other goals, including a plan in 2007 to build the "ecoJet" that would emit 50% less CO2 than its current planes. The ambition was mentioned again in 2009, Possible says, but the company appeared to drop the target and the ecoJet was never built.

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