news24 - Carin Smith

Cape Town International Airport currently only has enough jet fuel stock to last between four to six days after bad weather caused a supply shipment to be delayed.

To reduce the risk of jet fuel running out, Airports Company SA (ACSA) issued a 'Notice to Airmen', requesting airlines to reduce fuel intake from Cape Town, Mark Maclean, the regional general manager of the airport told News24 Business on Monday.

"Various fuel suppliers are also holding stock in their tanks and will deliver additional [jet fuel] to the airport," he said.

"By asking airlines to reduce jet fuel uplift in Cape Town, it will allow the airport to build a bigger stock buffer over the next five to seven days and reduce a stock out risk while the shipment of JET A1 is delivered to the airport. This shipment is scheduled to arrive at the end of the week."

A source at one of the local airlines said that the inbound tanker ship was due to arrive in Cape Town on Sunday, "but we have been warned it will be a few days late." 

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