International Airport Review - Robson Freitas

Robson Freitas, Head of Operations, Security and Emergency at Belo Horizonte International Airport, examines the revolution the air industry is experiencing in seamless travel and explains why now, post-pandemic, is the time to deliver a passenger experience that is above and beyond.

When we think of an airport, we usually think of queues, delays, security checks, high prices, and other annoyances for passengers. However, this sentiment has been radically changing due to the action airports are taking with a focus on operational efficiency and customer experience. Airport operators have understood that providing a high-quality airport experience makes a difference among travellers, as well as increasing the airport’s non-aeronautical revenue. A negative airport experience and general dissatisfaction can result in passengers choosing to fly from a different airport.

Doing the basics for the customer experience is no longer enough, which increasingly requires airports to take disruptive actions and positive strategies in which the customer is prioritised. It is necessary to rethink the current modus operas, because for years we have basically been doing the same thing in managing the customer journey. After all, customers increasingly expect their airport experience to be as seamless and personalised as their online retail, banking, and social experiences. The airport of the future will be with the customer first: smart, connected and personalised. Supported by technological solutions and partner ecosystems, airports must move forward to put the customer at the centre of their operations.

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