Simple Flying - Gaurav Joshi

While London Heathrow Airport is an important gateway for passengers flying into the United Kingdom, it also serves as a significant hub for many connecting passengers. And from today, the airport’s largest airline, British Airways, will see its minimum connection time increased by 15 minutes to reduce the instances of missed flights and a more relaxed passenger experience.

Passengers switching between Terminals 3 and 5 will still have a minimum connection time of 90 minutes due to the need for a bus transfer.

From January 9, British Airways passengers with flight connections at London Heathrow will need 15 additional minutes (increased from 60 to 75 minutes) to catch their onward flights. The change was announced last year with the aim of reducing the instances of missed connections for passengers.

All departments at Heathrow are busy handling various operations, whether it's immigration, security, or baggage handling, among others. British Airways decided to increase the minimum connection time from 60 minutes to 75 for a more stress-free connecting experience for passengers and also to reduce the financial burden that comes with a missed flight.

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