International Airport Review

Birmingham Airport has released its updated roadmap, which will prioritise zero-carbon airport operations while minimising the use of carbon offsets to become net zero carbon by 2033.

Birmingham Airport’s commitments over the next decade include:  

  • An initial multi-million pound commitment over the next four years to reduce emissions that the airport controls (Scope 1 and 2) by 60 per cent by investing in on-site renewable energy generation, energy-efficient lighting and energy management technology
  • Sourcing up to 40 per cent of electricity used at the airport through solar power
  • Switching the whole airport site to 100 per cent green tariff electricity from April 2022
  • Extending the number of electric vehicle charging points from 25 to prepare for the growing number of low-carbon vehicles accessing the airport
  • Renewing the airport’s heating and cooling infrastructure, including upgrades to the building fabric and a gradual transition to low carbon
  • Investment in new emerging technologies to generate low-carbon energy beyond 2030
  • Engaging with a range of stakeholders including customers, employees, tenants and political stakeholders to collaborate and bring lower-carbon technologies, aircraft and operations to Birmingham Airport.

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