International Airport Review - Monette Pasher

Monette Pasher, Interim President of the Canadian Airports Council, explains the importance of Canada’s airports’ growth, as the world and aviation industry looks to a post-COVID-19 future.

At the time of writing, Canada is stuck in the grip of Omicron. While case numbers are rising, there is still cause for cautious optimism, thanks to high rates of vaccinations and a seemingly less severe variant. Plus, after almost two years of managing the expectations and safety of travellers and workers, airports can rise to just about any challenge.

One thing is certain: it will not be the same as it was at the end of 2019. COVID-19 exposed the strengths and weaknesses in Canada’s airport system and financing model. 

Canada now has five federal funding programmes that airports can access...However, all these programmes, which were announced in 2020, have fast approaching end dates and limited funds, even though the impacts on travel demand from COVID-19 are far from over.

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