Belfast Telegraph - Liam Tunney

SDLP councillor Gary McKeown posted a photograph on Monday of a stained carpet that welcomes visitors to the airport, and suggested the arrivals corridor was ‘Soviet-style’.

The Botanic representative said he was ‘embarrassed’ that this was the sight with which travellers to the airport were greeted.

"Every time I come through Belfast International Airport, I'm embarrassed at the fact that this is the first thing people experience when they arrive here,” he told the Belfast Telegraph.

"Travellers are greeted with a building that is clearly a throwback to a bygone age, with a view out the window of air vents and a patched up flat roof.

Belfast International Airport said the carpet would soon be replaced.

“The carpets are due to be replaced shortly as the Airport will soon be undertaking a £20m upgrade of key facilities,” said a spokesperson.

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