The Jet Zero Council Zero Emission Flight (ZEF) Delivery Group met for the first time on Friday 15th July 2022, chaired by Rachel Gardner-Poole (COO, Connected Places Catapult). BAG Chair Jason Fowler attended the inaugural meeting in London last week as part of a membership which consists of industry representation from across the aviation and aerospace sectors in addition to government representatives from the Department for Transport and the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

Alongside the Sustainable Aviation Fuels Delivery Group, the ZEF Working Group aims to enact the Jet Zero Council objectives of providing advice on the government’s ambitions for clean aviation.

The ZEF Delivery Group’s main priorities will be delivered through 3 subgroups focusing on: Aircraft, chaired by Gary Elliott (CEO, ATI), Infrastructure chaired by Dave Lees (CEO, Bristol Airport) and Regulation, chaired by Tim Johnson (Policy Director, CAA).

The group proactively debated the current proposed Terms of Reference to ensure there is clarity on the aims and scope of the ZEF Delivery Group. These Terms of Reference will be updated and published in due course. The short term and long term priorities for the group were also discussed and it was agreed that a single road map and delivery plan for the ZEF Delivery Group would be developed before the end of the year.

Government and Industry members are confident that the ZEF Delivery Group will lead the work to align planning and create common views on zero emissions flights. In turn, this will allow more coordinated investment on technology and infrastructure to prepare the UK for the future of sustainable flight.

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