Passenger Terminal Today - Elizabeth Baker

The Avinor Board has approved the construction of a new Bodø Airport in Norway for Nkr7.2bn (US$720m).

The new Bodø Airport will be located around 900m to the south of the present airport and is scheduled to be open and operational in 2029, with its official opening expected in 2029/2030. The current airport will remain operational until the day before the new airport opens for operations. The airport company asserts that the first contract will be announced in the first week of January 2023. This will be the contract for the construction of the runway, taxiways, aircraft stands and other external infrastructure, also referred to as ‘contract E02 airside’.

The cost of Avinor’s development project does not include the purchase of land and excludes financing costs. Avinor Group’s board of directors approved Avinor’s financial contribution to the project in the amount of Nkr2.6bn (US$260m). The remainder will be funded by the government and by local funds.

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