The Airport Operator

Aviation security solutions provider, ICTS, is working collaboratively with leading UK airports and airlines to find scalable and enduring answers to challenges created by the coronavirus pandemic.

Asked how airports that had suffered huge financial losses could be persuaded to invest more in ICTS services and products now, Sallas said that, in his experience, business leaders were “pragmatists first and foremost”. They would support investment decisions that deliver “a material and tangible value”, giving the green light to proposals “if the benefits and the returns are real”.

Sallas said that the problem that it was designed to solve for airlines and their passengers was “really quite a simple one. If you don’t get passengers cleared before they arrive at the airport it means that you are spending more time operationally clearing them at the desks. This isn’t good for passengers, because obviously they arrive uncertain about whether they have everything they need to go. It means that a lot more money is spent on staff at the airport and the check-in desks and passengers face queues, as well as the uncertainty. The value of Ready to Go for the airlines of course is that they can streamline operations to address those passengers that need attention”.

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