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To all of our valued customers, colleagues, and potential new customers, we would like to introduce you to two new divisions. 





Offering a range of services to all industries, including full turnkey solutions, general LV electrical installations, network & data installations, and testing & commissioning. 


This is an area of diversification that we have been working on for some time, and have already had some success.






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A new venture headed up by our  

latest addition to the team, Helen Wilson. Utilising our existing team with the support of our Head of Engineering, Dave Jones, with plans to build & expand over the next 12 months.


ATG Controls & Automation provide solutions to all aspects of industrial automation and being a siemens systems integrator, we are able to work with global products to cover the UK/Ireland, and internationally.



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Keeping Control - St Athan


Since the decision was taken to convert RAF St Athan from a military airbase to a civil airport, there have been many changes undertaken to ensure the site meets with civil airport requirements. Taxiway systems have been rewired, runway guard lights and taxiway edge lighting installed, and additional electrical equipment supplied within the substations. 


Moreover, one of the challenging changes was that to the AGL control system. ATG airports undertook the design, development, installation and commissioning of a new state of the art Airfield Ground Lighting Control and Monitoring System. The previous equipment, the Modular Control System (MCS), a standard system throughout military airfields, had been installed for over 30 years and was still in good working condition. However, the new system using modern PLC equipment and associated touch screens, would provide additional facilities and functionality to the users.


Mr Graham Davies, the Senior AGL Engineer, who provides maintenance support at the airfield, recently commented that the system, which has been installed for over 2 years, has continued to function without any cause for concern. Also commenting that ‘in the current climate not having to think about the control system is such a peace of mind, and is one less thing to worry about’. 


To read more about this project click here for the full case study information. 




FX Focus Approach Lighting


The final approach and landing of an aircraft is one of the most crucial stages of any flight. Whilst Radio/Navigation aids are frequently provided whereby the pilot has access to information, via instruments to assist him, Aviation Ground Lighting provides additional visual cues from outside the cockpit. These cues should be available both day and night and in varying weather conditions. 


The complete Approach Lighting system is made up of several parts, each designed to meet one or more requirements. The extent to which a particular airport is equipped will depend upon its licensing category and the need to continue operations during periods of poor visibility. 


The FX range of LED lighting for high intensity requirements, has two different fixtures available dependent on the position within the AGL approach system. Inset fixtures FX850AP are used where the approach system is partially installed in the paved area, that being runway overruns or displaced thresholds. The FX862AP is the elevated equivalent and would be used elsewhere within the approach system.


To provide maximum assistance to a pilot all luminaires are required to be aligned within an agreed tolerance at their respective elevation and azimuth settings. This tolerance is generally accepted to be ±½° for all luminaires. 


For more detailed information on these fixtures please refer to the two separate data sheets.


FX850AP – inset approach
FX862AP – elevated approach




Touchdown in January 2010


This month we are flying back in time 11 years, to when Bernard Wright-Dixon joined the team.

Bernard works in our production facility and is mainly responsible for assembling the full range of luminaires. The majority of his career has been spent working in engineering and this stood him in good stead when quickly establishing himself as a key member of the production team. Alongside the assembly of our fixtures, he is also skilled in the assembly of both the clearway and IR858 airfield guidance signs.

Quality is a key aspect of production and Bernard ensures standards of goods are maintained  prior to dispatch, by implementing a range of tests on our finished products including, water ingress, electrical soak tests and photometric performance checks.

We asked Bernard what he enjoys most about his job, and he responded, ‘kno
wing that across the world in different airports are light fixtures that I have built, tested, and shipped out’. He also enjoys the camaraderie with his team, and the way they come together to make sure that all products are delivered on time, and to the highest quality.

When Bernard started:

  • The UK number one single was Firework by Katy Perry. 
  • Manchester City won the Premier League on the last day of the season, pipping Manchester United to the title on goal difference, with that famous goal from Sergio Aguero in the 94th minute.
  • The first ever Boeing 787 (Dreamliner) was delivered, with Nippon Airways taking delivery in September of that year, and the first flight taking place on 26th October, from Tokyo to Hong Kong.

Back in 2010, our atg airports teams were busy on various projects, including a runway re-surface at Manchester Airport, and various control system replacements at UK military bases.


A new addition to the team

We would like to welcome Helen Wilson to the ATG team. Helen will head up our controls and automation division and comes with a wealth of industry experience, which is already being put to good use.


"Having worked for Rockwell Automation Ltd and adi Automation Ltd (adi Group) both in a senior management role, having worked my way up through industrial repairs, support, and maintenance, this sets me in a well versed position within all areas of the Controls and Automation industry and service support solutions. I have design capabilities alongside a strong knowledge of all elements inclusive of enterprise software such as SCADA, Wonderware, C++, thin client and platform optimisation solutions.


I can undertake full scoping of projects of any size and pride myself on creating robust, sustainable relationships to support and build a tailored future proof plan.


Please make me your go to contact for all enquiries and be re-assured of a quick and competent response."


You can contact Helen on +447880095291 or via email at



Welcome to Year 2021


Last year saw unprecedented times with a complete change in normality, and treasuring what we had, rather than what we desired, became more important.  


Now, a new year is upon us, and with it a hope that this new beginning brings a brighter outlook for the world. We at atg airports would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very healthy, happy and safe 2021. 



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atg airports is a leading global manufacturer and turnkey installation projects company for Airfield Lighting Solutions. We are a key component in maintaining the safe and efficient airside operations at civil and military airports and airfields around the world.

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