Simple Flying - Lukas Souza

The project was announced before the pandemic but then halted for a few years.

Early today, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and American Airlines announced the construction of a sixth terminal at the airport and signed a new 10-year Use and Lease Agreement. Over the next decade, almost $5 billion will be spent on projects for the new terminal.

Plans for the new terminal were put on pause because of COVID when virtually the entire aviation industry came to a halt. Now, Terminal F is officially in the plans of American and DFW, featuring 15 new gates. American Airlines and the airport agreed to a deal worth $4.8 billion for airport expansion, and $1.6 billion is solely for Terminal F.

Terminal C, which has not been significantly improved since the opening of the airport 50 years ago, will be expanded as part of the new investments by the airport and American. $2.7 billion of the $4.8 billion will be spent on developing and modernizing other terminals, like C. In July 2022, four new gates were added to Terminal C, but the original facility was left untouched. American and the airport also collaborated on this project which used modular construction.

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