Simple Flying - Linnea Ahlgren

Around 800 jobs are at stake if the airport closes following a strategic review of its financial viability.

The petition to save the airport, which is currently underway at, had, at the time of writing, collected 96,242 signatures. In mid-July, the owner of the airport, Peel Group, announced it would launch a six-week consultation period mid-July, to see if operations would still be viable following the closure of low-cost carrier Wizz's base one month prior. According to The Star, the Peel Group says its decision will depend on the results of the consultations, which are due in a week.

Some 800 jobs are at risk if the airport shuts down at the end of the summer season. Wizz Air still operates flights from the airport, as does TUI, GetJet Airlines, SmartLynx, and several charter leisure carriers. The airport is also host to cargo operations, which are reportedly doing better than the passenger side of the business. One potential avenue is that it could transition to freight-only services.

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