Financial support to UK aviation industry stakeholders in modernising UK airspace

The Airspace Modernisation Support Fund (ASF) follows on from the Future Airspace Strategy (FAS) Facilitation Fund and is there to provide financial support to UK aviation industry and stakeholders in modernising the UK airspace, in line with the intent in CAP 1711; the Airspace Modernisation Strategy.

The ASF is intended to aid projects in support of the delivery of airspace modernisation where delivery benefits multiple stakeholders and or research will enable wider industry deployment. It provides the opportunity for recognised UK legal entities, other than NERL and CAA, to seek financial support to deliver against the Airspace Modernisation Strategy (AMS) elements that cannot be funded by other means. Legal entities must be UK aviation industry engaged in modernising UK airspace. The ASF is open to UK aviation industry organisations excluding NATS En-route Ltd (NERL) and the CAA; if required, either NERL or the CAA can be subcontracted by another organisation to provide services to a project.

The fund is allocated to projects that support the delivery of elements defined in the AMS and therefore funding proposals must align with the overall AMS objectives. The current set of elements in the AMS are broad in their description and will evolve with further iterations of the strategy. The elements may not cover every example of work related to airspace modernisation, but the proposals’ ambitions should support the ends (the outcomes) a modernised airspace must deliver, as described in the AMS.

The CAA administers the fund through a grant process and will only commit funds to projects based on the monies collected to date. On this basis, the process of allocating funds will be based on bi-annual calls for project proposals. A grant agreement, based on a statement of works will be used to capture the work deliverables and grant payment schedule. 

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