Simple Flying - Charlotte Seet

At least three airlines have shifted away from the main Dutch airport.

Summer has arrived, and Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport is still impacted by endless chaos, from the lack of an operable workforce to the odd summer cap on all airlines. Unwilling to risk their business at the chaotic airport, several airlines have decided to move away from Schiphol.

Air Malta is one airline, in particular, having already transferred six scheduled flights from Schiphol to Rotterdam The Hague Airport to reduce passenger inconvenience and disruptions as much as possible. 

Another airline joining the transfer to Rotterdam would be the Turkish leisure carrier, Corendon Airlines. Unlike the small scale of transference that Air Malta has chosen, Corendon is choosing to move approximately 150 flights away from Schiphol and will be canceling about 35 more flights by merging with other flights or moving to smaller airports. 

TUI fly Netherlands will also be moving part of its flights from Schiphol to Rotterdam and Liège Airport.

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