Airport World - Billy Shallow

ACI World’s senior director for security, technology and innovation, Billy Shallow, addresses some of the key issues facing airport security in a continuously evolving landscape.

Travel is officially back, with passengers in the Northern Hemisphere taking to airports to jet off on their summer holidays and business travel beginning to bounce back.

As a result, some markets are enjoying higher traffic levels than before the pandemic and the spotlight is once again firmly on passenger facilitation and how well airports can meet this rising demand.

Whilst airports and airlines have been working together to ensure and minimise disruption, such as the events seen in summer 2022, there is no doubt that there are still challenges to enable seamless and frictionless journeys.

Capacity challenges remain across the industry whether it be through air traffic control, baggage facilitation or terminal constraints. Security is no exception. Indeed, tightly peaked summer airline schedules have led to multiple examples of airports experiencing longer queue times than they would want to ensure high satisfaction levels.

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