What is exactly air connectivity? How can it be measured? And how well connected is Europe?


In collaboration with Ferrovial, ACI EUROPE has released the Airport Industry Connectivity Report 2023. The report examines the developments in air connectivity amidst the ongoing effects of the post COVID-19 recovery pandemic and heightened geopolitical tensions, including the conflict in Ukraine.


Published yearly since 2014, these reports do not measure passenger volumes but the extent to which Europe’s airports and their communities are connected to and accessible from the rest of our continent and the world – using a set of direct, indirect and hub connectivity indexes.


This year's edition also highlights how geopolitical tensions have impacted air connectivity, which is recovering slower than traffic volumes. The uneven recovery is evident across different geographies and airport markets.

Additionally, the climate emergency is raising questions about the societal value of air connectivity. While the aviation sector strives for net-zero air connectivity, policymakers and regulators play a vital role in facilitating this transformation. Still, even if progress has been made, it is not enough yet.


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