Simple Flying - Justin Hayward

Boston Logan International Airport has one of the longest histories of the major US airports. It started offering mail and passenger services from the mid-1920s. These were very early days in US aviation, and the airport has continued to offer service since then. It became one of the first transatlantic hubs for several airlines, and today is in the top 20 busiest airport in the US.

The airfield first opened in 1923 as a military base for the Massachusetts State Guard and the Army Air Corps. It was known then as Jeffery Field. These early military operations were soon joined by commercial services - some of the first in the US. The locally-based Colonial Air Transport began offering flights in 1926. Initially, these were airmail only flights, serving a US Postal Service contract. Passenger service between Boston and New York began in 1929, using early Fokker aircraft...

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