Australian Government - Civil Aviation Safety Authority

The roadmap provides clarity about Australia’s future approach to aviation safety regulation and oversight for RPAS and AAM. It provides a plan for the long-term vision for these sectors supported by acceptable levels of safety.

The roadmap is complementary to the National Emerging Aviation Technologies (NEAT) Policy Statement and other whole-of-government initiatives, such as the Australian Future Airspace Framework (AFAF) and Uncrewed aircraft systems Traffic Management (UTM) development.
CASA is responsible for the regulation of aviation safety which is the focus of the activities in the roadmap. Where necessary CASA will work with other government agencies to support the regulation of other aspects of RPAS and AAM operations.

The RPAS and AAM landscape is also only one of several significant, and often interrelated, emerging technology areas in aviation. CASA will continue to work on safety aspects across all these area.

The RPAS and AAM Strategic Regulatory Roadmap 2022