ADS Group

Last week, it was announced that EASA and the UK CAA had agreed implementation of post-Brexit rules for aviation safety.

In the Queen’s Speech delivered earlier this month, it was announced that the Government will introduce a variety of post-Brexit Bills including:

  • The Subsidy Control Bill

Which aims to implement a domestic UK subsidy control regime to reflect UK strategic interests.

  • The National Insurance Contributions (NICs) Bill

Which will establish several Freeports in England and provide employers with a relief from NICs for eligible new employees in Freeports for three years, up to earnings of £25,000 per annum.

  • The Professional Qualifications Bill

Which will create a new framework for the UK to recognise professional qualifications from across the world to ensure employers can access professionals where there are UK shortages.

There is also a £400m New Deal for Northern Ireland, which will aim to support businesses to innovate and invest following the Transition Period.

The UK’s post-Brexit emissions trading scheme (ETS) opened for the first-time since the UK left the EU’s ETS.  It is not yet clear whether the UK and EU will develop and deliver a link between their two schemes, enabling bi-directional trading, but the UK-EU trade deal states that a link will be considered.

 ADS Group - Brexit Bulletin - 24 May 2021.pdf (425 KB)