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Hailing from private and public sector aviation organisations worldwide, ICF Aviation is a team of nearly 100 experts dedicated to strategic and operations consulting for the global aviation industry. Whether you are a Government department, an operator, an investor or a finance provider, you can rely on our team’s perspective and vision to help you make key strategic planning decisions, as well as policy, route development, capital investment and concessions planning.

Our services include: Business Planning/Transaction Due Diligence; Traffic Forecasting; Master Planning; Strategic Planning and Organisational Reviews, Pricing Strategies, Commercial Planning; Air Service Development; Passenger Experience.

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10 Queen Street Place

Tel: +44 (0)20 3096 4921

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  • Jane Thompson, Business Development - Aviation Consulting
  • Kata Cserep, Vice President - Airports
  • Rob Rushmer, Principal
  • Rob Walker, Principal
  • Simon Morris, Vice President
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