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Blighter Surveillance Systems Ltd (BSS) is a UK-based radar specialist SME offering tailored security solutions to monitor airport controlled and restricted zones and their perimeters.  Building on the Blighter radar’s ability to reliably detect small, slow-moving targets 24/7 such as intruders crawling under a perimeter fence, BSS is able to integrate its radars with existing security infrastructure such as CCTV and its VMS, fence detection systems and transponder identity systems.  The resulting systems are able to provide airport operators with an enhanced, comprehensive and robust security picture, with minimal false alarms. Experience has shown that a Blighter radar installation will not only improve intruder detection, but it can also offer substantial savings through reduced manned security surveillance requirements. Successful airport installations include London’s Heathrow and Stansted airports, as well as installations in South America, Europe and MENA.

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