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At Aviaire our consultants specialise in providing strategic wildlife hazard management support to assess and mitigate wildlife strike risks on airports and within their surrounding 13km airspace.


We always work in partnership with our clients to identify time and cost effective solutions that are proportionally appropriate to minimise the risk of conflict between aircraft and wildlife.


We collectively have over thirty years of operational aviation and built environment experience. Our advice is always evidence-based supported by high quality data and longstanding operational experience. We understand and support the need to minimise the risk of litigation, to enhance reputations, to reduce costs and to maximise biodiversity.



Our mission statement is to sustainably minimise risk of damage to aircraft, human life and the environment through proactive wildlife and habitat management.


Core Values

·                 Integrity

·                 Passion

·                 Partnership



·             High quality services that provide value for money

·             Cost effective control of wildlife and habitats

·             Appropriate solutions and services

·             Certainty of being ecologically and economically sustainable 

·             Long-lasting relationships with clients and suppliers



Experience and support available for a broad base of client groups:

·                 Airport operators

·                 Airline operators

·                 Helipad operators

·                 Central government and local authorities

·                 Developers, architects, town planners and ecologists

.           Site owners and facilities managers



·                 Wildlife & Habitat Surveys

·                 Strike Risk Assessments

·                 Aviation Impact Assessment

·                 Management Plans

·                 Performance Reviews

·                 Performance Turnaround Support

·                 Training & Equipment

·                 Safeguarding Support

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St Martins
Culbokie, Dingwall

Tel: +44 (0)1628 308325

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Main Contacts
  • Alex Moffat, Technical Director
  • Cerian Henshaw, Director of Operations