Company Profile

aviaire limited

Aviaire is a consultancy company specialising in wildlife hazard management. We provide expert advice and support in assessing and managing wildlife hazards with airports the core focus for our business.


We support minimisation of wildlife hazard risks and optimised services through adherence to statutory and regulator standards, and through industry good practice in wildlife hazard management, health and safety, strategic planning, financial management and resource management. We also support local stakeholders, such as local planning authorities and developers, to  minimise wildlife hazard risks for airports in their 13km safeguarded zone 



Our mission statement is to sustainably minimise risk of damage to aircraft, human life and the built environment through wildlife and habitat management that is both ecologically friendly and abides by good practice.



Our business vision is to provide:

·       High quality services that provide good value for money

·       Solutions that are always appropriate, proportionate and affordable

·       Long-lasting relationships with clients and suppliers



To support all our clients in minimising risk through:

·       Cost effective control of wildlife and habitats

·       Appropriate solutions and services

·       Certainty of being ecologically and economically sustainable 

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