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BP is a global energy company. Air BP, a business unit within BP, supplies aviation fuel and specialist technical services across all continents and in over 50 countries and 800 airports, and serves commercial airlines, military and general aviation customers.

Air BP technical services team is a global leader in the design, construction, commissioning and operation of complex fuel infrastructure facilities, with an international portfolio of military, large commercial and smaller regional airport projects including Heathrow, Manchester, Stansted, Rotterdam, Iceland, Tirana, Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg, Maputo, Madagascar, Dubai, Bahrain, Sharjah, Iraq, Perth, Auckland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other China airports.

Air BP leads or participates in over 150 joint ventures across the globe.

Air BP supports the industry in meeting their obligations in terms of a lower carbon future. Air BP’s environmental solutions offer supports a best practice carbon reduction programme to reduce, replace and neutralise carbon emissions. The key elements on offer are lower carbon fuels, lower carbon operations and carbon offsetting. In 2016 Air BP became the first aviation fuel supplier to achieve carbon neutrality for its into-aircraft fuelling services across 250 Air BP-operated airport facilities.

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