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The Aviation Industry, as any other sector, does not stand still. Every advancing technology, passenger expectations of service quality and bigger, newer planes are driving much of the aviation work that 5plus Architects are part of.

At the heart of all of this is the passenger without whom there are no journeys and consequently no flights and no airports. In this context it is an imperative that our projects give delight, work technically and are seen as being best value for money. If our ultimate solutions do not also improve the passenger experience and contribute to a wider improvement to the sustainability of air travel then they should be considered failures.

As a consequence we do not consider ourselves just aviation architects. We are creative problem solvers that question established thinking in everything that we do. Through our highly skilled designers we are able to offer sector leading commercial solutions along with cutting edge innovation.

Our work engages the full range of stakeholders; The passenger, the airport, the airlines, the retailers, the wider community

Our recent commissions include the upgraded passenger experience from check-in to IDL at Stansted Airport and East Midlands airport, the Escape Lounges in 4 locations, a new Arrivals terminal at Bournemouth Airport, the Masterplan for Airport City Manchester, and various projects at Leeds Bradford International.

Our desire is to work on a variety of aviation focused projects, large or small, glamorous or mundane, where our urban design, architectural and interior design skills can bring added value to customers and passengers.

Latest News

  • 5plus Refresh EMA & STN

    5plus helps revamp the outbound security facilities for both East Midlands Airport and London Stansted Airport

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