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Strong demand for air travel despite heightened macro-economic risks is a key takeaway from ACI World’s latest assessment analysis on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on airports.

“The recent momentum created by the lifting of many health measures and the relaxation of most travel restrictions in many European countries and in the Americas has renewed industry optimism,” notes ACI World director general, Luis Felipe de Oliveira.

“There is still an uneven recovery – a gap exists among markets, especially where strict travel restrictions are still enforced, COVID-19 vaccine availability and uptake are limited, and geopolitical conflicts are visible.

“This gap resulted in offsetting the impact of pent-up demand during the early Northern Hemisphere summer season on a global scale.

“Despite this, air travel should see a continued uptick overall in the second half of 2022, moving the industry closer to its full recovery – still forecast for 2024.”

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