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The Intelligent Approach system will optimize the time spacing between arriving aircraft, leading to increased operational efficiency.

Toronto Pearson International Airport has introduced an aircraft separation system known as Intelligent Approach. The tool is designed to optimize the spacing of aircraft on approach, taking into account a variety of influencing factors, such as weather conditions and aircraft type.

The Intelligent Approach system was introduced at Toronto Pearson International Airport on May 28th, making Canada’s busiest airport the first in North America to implement it. The system has however already been in use at London Heathrow Airport since 2015.

To bring the system to Toronto, NAV CANADA worked with NATS, the UK’s main air navigation service provider, and with the US-based technology organization Leidos. NAV CANADA was established in 1996, and today provides air traffic control, weather briefings, and advisory services across much of Canada’s domestic and international airspace.

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