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Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport’s executive vice president of global strategy and development, John Ackerman, tells Joe Bates more about the growth and future development plans of the Texas gateway.

The airport is now embarking on the Terminal C redevelopment programme, which will build on the success and customer satisfaction received from the newly deployed High C gates. The project is expected to improve the customer experience by providing high-end finishes and amenities in an energy-efficient building. Additionally, proposals for a sixth terminal, Terminal F, are back on the agenda.

The original plan was to renovate the four terminals – the newer, international Terminal D doesn’t need modernising – and work has duly been completed on the refurbishment of Terminals A, B and E.

However, instead of revamping Terminal C, it has now been decided to replace it in phases as well as expand it with a new pier. In addition, the airport has also decided to add a new pier to Terminal A.

Next up will be a new Terminal F, which when first muted in 2019 was described as a potential 25-gate facility with a price-tag of $3 billion that would be located to the south of Terminal D.

Such a big facility is unlikely to be built in the short-term, but Ackerman reveals that DFW’s sixth terminal is definitely back on track.

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