Simple Flying - Linnea Ahlgren

Investments are starting to roll in as more and more understand not only the urgency in reducing global CO2 emissions but also the growing market potential in decarbonizing aviation technology. However, it will also take an economic commitment from airlines to reach net-zero by 2050. Should the passengers pay for those efforts through raised ticket prices – and are they willing to?

Earlier this week, Air France and KLM announced they were raising ticket prices to help cover the cost of adding more sustainable aviation fuel to their flights. Since January 1st, Air France is obliged, along with all other carriers refueling in France, to use on average 1% SAF to power their flights.

While investment has begun picking up,, SAF production is far from what is needed to bring down prices to levels compatible with airlines’ business models. Thus far, governments seem eager to deal out mandates but not as keen on footing the bill for a pivot towards more sustainable air travel.

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