Simple Flying - Joe Kunzler

Today on March 3, 2022 the Port of Seattle’s Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (KSEA) announced a new International Arrivals Facility to welcome the world to the Puget Sound. According to the Port of Seattle, in 2021, the facility handled more than 1.6 million international passengers. As such, more capacity was needed to boost the throughput from the current 1,200 hourly passengers to 2,600 passengers per hour.

Seattle-Tacoma International's facility will have the world’s longest aerial walkway over an active aircraft taxi-lane, high enough to allow current commercial aircraft to safely pass underneath.

The walkway will connect to the international capable gates, which are rising from 12 to 20 to allow for more flights during peak periods. Also, the facility will be four times larger than the old facility and double peak international arrival capacity to 2,600 passengers an hour. Plus, the spacious baggage claim area now has seven carousels instead of four, and each one larger than before.

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