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In 2022, The Netherlands’ largest airport Amsterdam Schiphol processed 52.2 million passengers. This is an impressive 106% increase compared to the levels of 2021 at 25.5 million, but fewer than in 2019 at 71.7 million passengers.

The group’s other airports, including Eindhoven, Rotterdam The Hague faired okay, but as expected, are still far from pre-pandemic levels. 

In 2022, Schiphol witnessed 52.2 million whilst 37% of the total amount of travellers had connecting flights through the Dutch airport. This means that 9.6 million passengers were on a connecting flight. Last year, the airport recorded 397,646 air transport movements.

This is a 49% increase compared to 2021 of 266,969 movements. This, however, translates to a 20% decrease compared to 2019, at 496,826 air transport movements. 

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