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In the next three years, Riga Airport and the Lithuanian airport company Lietuvos oro uostai will upgrade the electrical supply systems of their aerodromes using €3.65m (US$3.9m) of funding from the European Union (EU).

This finance from the EU fund program – named CEF 2 Transport – Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Facility – Zero Emissions – will cover 50% of the total costs of the project. Within this investment, €1.79m (US$1.93m) has been allocated to Riga Airport, and €1.85m (US$1.99m) to Lietuvos oro uostai. The companies will invest the same amount themselves.

The electrical supply infrastructure modernization project at Riga Airport will reconstruct the electrical network from the current 10kV to a 20kV network, and install a solar panel park on the roofs of several airport buildings to generate renewable energy. The construction of electric charging points on the apron and technical area of the aerodrome will support the replacement of the airport’s internal combustion vehicles with electric vehicles by 2027, and ensure the availability of renewable resources for charging electric vehicles for the airport and other passenger service companies working at the airport.

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