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RDC, one of Europe’s leading aviation information businesses, today announced the launch of Airline Profitability into its online Apex platform. Powered by RDC’s proprietary yield and route economics data, Airline Profitability delivers powerful insight into airline route and network profitability. It is an essential tool for airports looking to make their airline relationships more profitable.


It has always been a major challenge for an airport to understand the performance of airlines at their airport. Previously the focus has been on passenger numbers - which is more readily available - but that doesn’t enable business development teams to tell the full story.  


Ultimately, what matters to an airline is the sustainability of its route network, which is a combination of passenger numbers, revenue and operating costs. By combining its proprietary fare and cost data, RDC is now able to estimate airline profitability at a route level; giving airports a unique insight into the performance of their airline customers.


RDC has been developing its online Apex platform since launching the product in 2014. Now used by over 70 airports and airlines in Europe and Asia, it is becoming a must-have tool for airport managers who need to understand how to manage and develop airline relationships. The new profitability functionality brings unique and powerful data to the tool, accessible anywhere on desktop and mobile devices.


“Traffic in Europe has grown strongly in the last 20 years, propelled by a low fare revolution led by Ryanair, easyJet and Wizz. To date, passenger growth has been the main way airports judge route performance, but with our new tool they will be able to understand whether their airline routes are profitable or not.”

Adam Kendall

Online Product Manager | RDC


About RDC:

RDC has been working in the aviation arena for over 15 years, and is well known in the industry for its honest and accurate approach to managing and analysing data. RDC is trusted by the world’s largest airlines and airports for its knowledge, expertise and thought leadership.



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