The Straits Times - Chin Hui Shan

About 32.2 million passengers passed through Changi Airport in 2022, which is nearly half the passenger traffic for the airport in 2019 before the Covid-19 pandemic.

A total of 219,000 flights – 57.2 per cent of the 382,000 flights in 2019 – also took off or landed at the airport, according to the latest figures released by Changi Airport Group (CAG) on Tuesday.

December was the busiest month, with 4.62 million passengers passing through Changi Airport. This is 72 per cent of the passenger traffic in December 2019. 

In the week between Dec 12 and Dec 18 alone, a little more than a million passengers or 82 per cent of the weekly average traffic in 2019 were handled at the airport. 

In December 2022, 25,400 flights – more than three-quarters of the number before the Covid-19 pandemic – landed or took off at Changi Airport.

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