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The security team can now process 30% more passengers.

The implementation of the new CT scanners in the London City Airport (LCY) security area has been hugely successful, and reports from the airport suggest that it has made the whole process smoother and more efficient for both the passengers and the airport employees.

The use of the new security scanners has enabled the airport security staff to reduce the duration of the security checks from 7 minutes in 2022 to 3 minutes and 45 seconds. City A.M. notes that this reduction in time enables the security team to process 30% more passengers, and thus the airport could potentially see a 30% year-on-year reduction in queue times going forward.

First introduced in April, the system was tested just in time for one of the busiest summer travel seasons ever recorded. The use of the new scanners is expected to provide passengers traveling from LCY with a smooth and seamless experience on the ground.

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