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19 June 2024

The BCAS is considering action against pranksters who send bomb-threat hoax emails to airports and planes. This comes amid a rise in such 'pranks' in India.

Amid a spurt in hoax e-mails on bombs in planes and at airports across the nation, the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) is reportedly mulling a five-year flying ban on people who send such threats. According to a report by news website NDTV, the BCAS is likely to propose rules on the same soon because of the rise in such cases.

The report quoted Director General of BCAS Zulfiquar Hasan as saying that 6 people have been arrested recently for issuing fake threats of bombings. News website Times Now reported that the suspects and the incidents are being investigated. The BCAS will soon approach the Ministry of Civil Aviation with the proposal. At present, there is a flying ban of a maximum of six months.

As many as 46 airports and hospitals were sent bomb threat e-mails on Tuesday afternoon. The mail read: "There are explosives hidden in the airport. The bombs will soon explode. You will all die." Later in the evening, a threat mail was received about the presence of a bomb on a Chennai-Mumbai Indigo flight.

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