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Iceland’s Keflavik International Airport has expectations of flying more passengers in 2023. The airport projects to fly 7.8 million passengers next year. Iceland’s airport administrator, Isavia, projects 2023 as an excellent year for the airport when it retains total passenger capacity from the pandemic.

Isavia announced its forecast for passengers for next year. Keflavik airport expects 2023 to be the third largest in the airport’s history, with 7.8 million passengers forecasted and 2.2 million tourists visiting Iceland. This puts 2023 behind 2018, when 2.3 million tourists visited Iceland.

The airport projects 24 airlines will fly the 7.8 million passengers based on their forecast. According to Isavia, passenger transfer will be at 27%, similar to 2019 but less than in 2018 when passenger transfer was 40%.

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